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10 Things That Must Be Said in Every Job Interview

10 Things You Must Say in a Job Interview

There is a ton of advice out there about what not to say in an interview (don’t badmouth your boss, don’t ask about salary in the first five minutes, etc.). But how do you know what you must say in an interview? How can you influence the recruiter so she knows, without a doubt, that you are a candidate well worth considering?

To help you go from also-ran to the next round of interviews, or a job offer, here are ten “must say” ideas for your next interview:   

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6 Things Today’s College Graduates Must Unlearn


All around us, the caps have been thrown; the gowns have been stored (or at least thrown in the closet). Several million graduates are now descending on the workforce.

And, sadly, way too many of them don’t have a clue what it takes to be successful at the next level.

Before they can learn what it takes to survive in what has become our new “normal” economy – they need to unlearn much of what they’ve been taught. Here are six examples:   

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How to Ace the 7-second Resume Test


Depending on who you listen to, it is widely believed that an applicant has between 6 and 10 seconds to impress the resume reader – the recruiter.

Here, then, is my version of the 7-second test… and exactly what I look for, step-by-step, when I glance at a resume – and determine pass or fail…   

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Desperation is Not a Marketable Soft Skill


You’ve tried everything, and it seems no one recognizes your potential; that you’d be a great employee… at any company, for any work! All you need is for someone to see you for what you are. Right?

Trouble is, they may already have seen the “real” you. If you’ve done any of the following, they may already have classified you, no matter how well you might be able to do the job on paper, as desperate…   

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Is Your Personal Branding Just Glorified Spamming?


Do yourself (and those recipients of your personal branding spam) a favor: take the time to determine what makes you unique, hireable and desirable. Also, take the time to discover the reasons why your job search isn’t going well.

Not sure how to begin? Do this…   

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Stop Blaming Career Services: #HigherEd Responsible for Unemployable Grads

Higher Education and Unemployable Graduates

Want to join the angry mobs blaming Career Services for our unemployable graduates? Think they are the only ones at fault for those that will exit the stage in May with a diploma, but without a clue?

You just may have it wrong; you may be waving that judgmental finger in the wrong direction…   

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