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After You Hit Send: What REALLY Happens to Your Resume?

What Happens Now

What really happens after you’ve submitted your résumé? What steps does the employer go through? What exactly is the employer looking for?

Finally, how does the employer decide whether or not your résumé ends up in the trash pin or the “must interview pile?   

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Let’s Cut Your Job Search Time in Half (Part Two)

in half

In Part One of this post yesterday, we asked you to consider eight questions from both the applicant side and the recruiter side of a job opportunity. Our goal: to help determine: is there is a mutually-beneficial match?

In most cases, as frustrating as it may be to hear, there is not a match…   

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Let’s Cut Your Job Search Time in Half (Part One)

in half

Are you applying for the right jobs? Are you qualified for those jobs? Do you appear credible to the hiring professional who decides to bring you in for an interview? Or are you eliminating yourself in the first few seconds?

Especially in a tough market, many job seekers apply for every job they can find whether it’s a true match or not…   

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You CAN Control the Most Critical Aspects of Your Job Search


With the newest job reports exceeding expectations, news about unemployment has taken a backseat to other areas of focus, such as the Middle East Crisis, ISIS, the danger of Ebola becoming a pandemic… and so much more.

Yes, the reality is (and if you are a job seeker then you know this) that it is still extremely difficult to get a job. Here are some ways you can – despite everything else – take back control of the most critical aspects of your job search:   

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