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5 Career-Saving Tips for Managing Conflict with the Boss

Workplace Conflict

60 to 80 percent of all work-related problems stem from strained relationships between employees.

So what can you do to manage conflict when it occurs, especially when that tension is between you and your direct manager?

Before steam comes out your ears and you fear for your job, consider the following ways to manage conflict with your boss…   

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Clock-In…Clock-Out…Kill Myself: Gen Y Hates 9-to-5

As younger employees enter the workforce, employers should begin to find ways to meet the demands for flexible working hours favored by these Gen Y-ers. Employers need to focus on the quality of the tasks completed as opposed to the number of hours worked – set goals for their employees and base their performance on whether or not those goals are reached.

Are we in fact promoting inefficiency by requiring that all employees work a standard set of hours every week?   

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Successful Companies Must Encourage Gen Y to Lead

Employers do a terrible job a cultivating proper leadership within their organizations. Don’t get me wrong, many companies have wonderful on boarding programs that aim to teach new leaders.

But here’s the problem…

Professionals are being taught how to be leaders at the time when they’re already expected to fill these roles. What organizations should be doing is training individuals how to lead BEFORE they’re in leadership positions.

If you’re smart, you’ll teach us.   

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Managing Millennials: Who, How and Why [Infographic]

For many Gen X and Boomer managers, Millennials – which will soon represent 46% of the US workforce – have become the mystery generation.

This terrific infographic produced the Kenan-Flagler School of Business at the University of North Carolina and the Young Entrepreneur Council provides terrific insight into the Millennial mind – and how best to manage and retain our young talent…   

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5 Strategies to Keep Your Gen Y Talent Happy

Every company wants the new generation of innovative and vibrant talent, but few companies have figured out how to successfully retain the “rockstars” who can help catapult their company or team to the next level.

Retaining phenomenal talent has always been difficult, but doing so with this demographic poses new challenges: salary and title are no longer enough, because Gen Y has a completely different barometer of success and happiness.

What is really happening, and how can we utilize the tools that a number of budding startups are creating to solve some of these issues?   

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3 Great Insights For Managing Gen Y

I came across this interview, and thought it had some really great things to say (don’t worry, it’s short!).   

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