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Pixar’s Young Professional Focus Creates an Amazing Culture

There are so many things we can learn from an organization like Pixar: great company culture may emerge through serendipity, but it doesn’t stay great by accident.

Don’t kid yourself that a great workplace “just happens.” Like growing a garden, it requires a lot of work and a bit of mess. It takes time and effort—and this means having people who have enough time built in to their jobs to actually focus on it. There’s simply no other way to build an amazing work environment.   

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How to Motivate Employees Before and After a Holiday Weekend

One of the most challenging aspects of managing employees is maintaining their motivation. And a holiday weekend makes this even tougher. There are some simple steps you can take to motivate your employees before and after the holiday.   

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Six Management Strategies That Work With Gen-Y

What positives does Gen-Y (Millennials) bring to your startup, and what management strategies will work most effectively and productively with them?

Everyone is quick to point out their shortcomings and idiosyncrasies, but I see some attractive attributes from a business perspective…   

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