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13 Ways to Tell If You’re Really Not a Good Manager


If you’re a manager, especially if you’re a new manager, you’ve probably experienced the sensation of people not liking you — but does that mean you’re a terrible manager? Not necessarily.

Here are 13 ways of knowing whether you’re really not a good young manager…

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You’re the Boss: 5 Top Tips for First-time Leaders

like a boss

You’re just starting out in your career, but chances are good that by now you’ve had several jobs and internships. And you’ve experienced a wide range of management styles. Maybe you’ve been micro-managed. Or your boss was aloof and hands-off to where you felt directionless.

Now that it’s your turn to manage, what type of boss will you be?   

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10 Work and Life Lessons Learned from Millennials

Every time I see yet another blog or news article bashing the Millennial generation I’m tempted to defend. The reality is, however, they don’t need me in that role. They do just fine by – and for – themselves.

So let me take this in another direction and say, without hesitation, that over the last three years I’ve learned more from young professionals than I have from fellow boomers, business books, blogs and big conferences – all put together…   

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Facebook at Work = Better Employees? [Infographic]

Facebook is the biggest time-waster at work (and in life, too); 41% of people who waste time at work by visiting unrelated websites say they visit Facebook. But is this really “wasted time”?

An infographic released by wellness firm Keas indicates that Facebook may actually encourage happiness, healthiness and productivity in employees.

While 50 percent of CEOs prohibit the use of social media at work, they may be overreacting.   

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Managers: Leadership Is Not For You (Revisited)

Architecting a workplace that can celebrate individual talents will feel like forging a trail through thorns, at least at first, because it is intensely unconventional. There are a few reasons why this is so. One of these is the myth of “the American Dream.”

In the emerging culture, this is the job of leaders and managers: to help unleash the immense potential of each employee and to coach each person in finding a position where they and their talents can flourish.

Leadership is not for you—it’s always for the people who follow you.   

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Really? We’re Still Giving 1980s Internship Advice… in 2012?

I love satire.

I watch “The Colbert Report” quasi-religiously and Mark Twain is one of my favorite authors. I believe that one of the hallmarks of truly great satire is that you can barely tell its farce.

I recently read a post on Brazen Careerist called “How to Rock Your First Intern’s World This Summer” by Alison Elissa that I really hope was an example of great satire.

On the chance the author was serious… I had to write a rebuttal.   

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