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Achieve Big Goals by Taking a Million Baby Steps

dreams steps

In Mark Cuban’s book How to Win at the Sport of Business, he mentions that in his early years he created a list of cool jobs that he wanted to have one day.

And it worked out well for him; from working on computer systems to owning an NBA franchise, Cuban has built a legacy by setting a goal and then figuring out how to make that goal a reality…   

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25 Questions I Need Answered Before I’m 25

25 Answers for Millennials

The thought of entering the workforce is scary. Really scary.

There are no SparkNotes for creating meaningful work. No silver bullet that helps you get noticed, or hired. No matter what our parents tell us, nothing really makes us special.

Quite the opposite: from my perspective as a soon-to-be college junior, millions of us twenty-somethings are pushed into the workforce with nothing but a college degree that doesn’t seem at all special anymore…   

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How to Control Your Job Search… ONE Piece at a Time

ONE Piece of the Puzzle

In a competitive job market, how can you stand out among the rest? What makes you different? What do you need to do to land the job?

I recently read The One Thing by Gary Keller. In the book, Gary stresses the importance of narrowing your focus down to the ONE thing that will benefit you most. What is the ONE thing that is of most importance to accomplishing the bigger picture? Or the ONE thing you must do first in order for the rest to follow?   

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