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The Clear Benefits of Being Happy at Work [Infographic]


When we’re happy at work, we are more productive. When we’re more productive, we smile more. When we smile more, we make others more happy and productive. When we make those around us more happy and productive we’re seen as leaders. When we’re seen as leaders, we receive recognition… maybe even get promoted.

And we receive recognition and get promoted, we’re happier at work!   

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What a Burrito Man Can Teach About Finding Work You Love

What can Carlos the Burrito Man teach us about finding our “passion,” our “purpose,” our “calling?” What can he teach us about finding the work we love? Get off the computer and go. Go do that now. Go make a difference. And if you can’t do it where you’re at, then go find a place where you can. But for gosh sake, go do something. Go be something. The world needs you, and it needs you more than anything. Whatever you do, don’t let your gift die within you.   

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