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5 Parts of Your Job Search NOT to Stress Over


During the job application process, there is so much to worry about, it’s easy to become quickly stressed.

What type of resume should I submit? Am I really qualified for the job? Who else is applying, and how do stack up? Will I fit in? Will I ever hear back?

It would be easier if these questions had black and white answers, but the truth is they’re in the gray area. And let’s face it; the gray area can be a bit overwhelming.

In an effort to relieve you of some of the stress involved with looking for work, let’s look at five parts of the job search you should not be stressed about…   

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Relax Already! Here’s How to Reduce Job Search Anxiety


With the current unemployment rate resting around 8 percent, joblessness isn’t something being taken lightly. Job seekers of all ages and backgrounds are faced with anxiety when it comes to finding their next position.

So if you’re feeling anxious about finding a new job, you’re not alone.

Seventy-five percent of working-age American are job seekers — individuals who are looking for new employment. That means three of four are just as anxious about landing a new gig as you. With all this in mind, managing unemployment and job search stress is essential to getting hired… and can set you apart…   

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