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4 Ways to Make Sure Your Resume is Mobile Ready


One of the biggest job hunting trends we’re seeing in 2015: the rise of mobile recruiting.

While moving in the direction of mobile has been going on for some time, a recent LinkedIn report suggests that because candidates have become so keen on looking for jobs on their phones, companies are starting to put forth more effort in their mobile recruiting efforts…   

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3 Ways to Leverage Your LinkedIn Profile While Unemployed


When you’re unemployed, what to say on your LinkedIn profile gets a little tricky.

In fact, if you have an end date for your last position on your LinkedIn profile – and you do not have a current position – your status may drop from “All Star” status to “Expert” status. This can make it far more challenging for recruiters and hiring managers to find you…   

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5 Ways to Evaluate Your Job Interview Performance

plan b

You’ve had a few interviews… but, so far, no offers. Yes, that could mean the competition was more qualified than you. Or it could mean you need to improve your job interview performance.

To help evaluate past interviews, and to see how you can do better next time, here are five areas you must evaluate…   

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The Perfect Answer to “Why Should We Hire You?”


You prepare for your job interview ahead of time by researching the company, the position, the contacts with whom you will interview and the challenges the company may be experiencing.

You rehearse answers to expected interview questions outlining your accomplishments and the stories behind them. You are ready to knock them dead!

And then it happens…    

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7 Reasons Your Job Search is Still Getting Zero Results

3D 0%

It’s the most frustrating scenario a job seeker will experience. You spruce up your resume, send it off to open jobs, and after a few weeks… you hear nothing but crickets.

No response. No returned calls. No job interviews…   

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4 Common Resume Rules That Must Be Broken

break the rules

While most career advice is written with good intentions, not all of it is worthy of your attention or time.

One such example is when blogs and articles talk about common “rules” you should follow when writing your resume. While these rules may work for some, sometimes they must be broken in order to get ahead…   

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