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6 Mistakes and Mindsets Killing Your Job Search

Getting In Your Own Way

Everyone knows: the job search can be a stressful time marked by hopeful ups and defeating downs.

Everyone also knows: This is normal. During your job search, however, we tend to forget just how normal this is. And we often become our own worst enemy…   

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Many Job Interviews and No Offers? Time to Audit Your Performance


You might have had a few, maybe several, interviews. But so far… no offers. That could mean the competition was significantly more qualified than you were. Or that you must improve how you interview.

Or it could mean it’s time to audit your job interview performance…   

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Everything You Need to Know About Informational Interviews


Informational interviews are a high-value way to network, obtain information and leave a good impression in a workplace that might interest you.

These one-on-one conversations can bridge the gap between where you are in your career… and where you want to be…   

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8 Actions You Must Take After Job Search Rejection


Your third interview with the company included senior members of the executive team. You thought the position was yours. The polite telephone call or email you just received – the one that included, “Thank you… but…” – let you know otherwise.

After you graciously respond and end the call, you are, frankly, stunned…   

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Should You Put That Short-term Job on Your Resume?

short term

It used to be that you could get away with not putting a short term job on a resume. After all, many recruiters see them as a filler, or a job hop.

However, in the Social Age, it is not uncommon to work short term, and you may actually hurt yourself more if you don’t put the job on the resume…   

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How to Turn Networking Tasks Into Habits That Pays Off


To turn career critical to-do items into a habit, we have to train ourselves to take action each day until it becomes second nature. And in order for it to be truly successful, networking is one of those job search daily to-do items that need to become a habit.

Use these tips to help you create this new habit that pays off not only during your job search, but throughout your career,,,   

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