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The Art of LinkedIn Bragging: This No Time to Be Humble

LinkedIn bragging

Well, there definitely is a fine line between being real and authentic on your LinkedIn profile and appearing boastful or pretentious. However, it’s extremely important to clearly show people why you are expert at what you do and share valuable information with your network.   

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The 5-Minute LinkedIn Marketing Plan [Infographic]

marketing plan

When it comes to marketing yourself, you probably don’t take as much advantage of LinkedIn as you should. With over 400 million professionals in the network, LinkedIn is the mother of all resumes, put up on the World Wide Web for display. And it seems easy enough: Login, stay active, and connect. These are the exact baby steps you need to take to make your work known to the professionals in a similar bubble, stay connected, and eventually build contacts. But, first, you need a marketing plan.   

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Improve Your Branding Message with Hidden LinkedIn Profile Sections

branding message

Your LinkedIn profile is all about telling your story in a way that will display your expertise, increase your credibility, and enhance your branding message. To help you do that, LinkedIn has an often overlooked, major profile section called Accomplishments. But, there are also several optional subsections that most people don’t know exist. Don’t feel bad if you don’t know about them. After all, LinkedIn didn’t make it easy and/or intuitive to find them. Finding Hidden Profile Sections You can add them by clicking the down arrow to the right of Add profile section, which appears in the blue box   

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LinkedIn’s New Interview Prep Feature: You Should Be Checking It Out

interview prep feature

It’s always a good idea to check out the interviewer’s profile before your interview, but don’t stop there. Take full advantage of LinkedIn’s new interview prep feature. You don’t even need a premium LinkedIn account to take advantage of the most important aspects of it.   

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How to Leverage LinkedIn for Your Stealth Job Search

stealth job search

Are you stuck in a dead-end job? Not making the money you deserve? Just need a change but afraid your boss will find out if you start looking for a new job? LinkedIn can help with your stealth Job search!   

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How to Make Sure You Get the Right LinkedIn Profile Views

profile views

During one-on-one LinkedIn consultations and also the Q&A time at my presentations, people are consistently interested in learning how they can get profile views from the right people.   

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