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5 LinkedIn Tips to Help Your Finish the Year on a High Note

linkedin tips

Are you frustrated with your results thus far in 2019—or have you had a great first half and want to keep rolling through year’s end? Well, I’ve got good news for you. If you follow these simple LinkedIn tips, 2019 just may be your best year ever.   

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New LinkedIn Interface: How Your Top 5 Profile Sections Will Change

new linkedin interface

Quite a few people (including me) have received the new LinkedIn interface, and soon everyone will have it.

After working with it for almost three weeks, I’m ready to share the top five LinkedIn profile sections and how they’re changing with the new interface…   

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Syncing LinkedIn with Your Resume for Optimal Impact

syncing linkedin

One of the biggest mistakes I see job seekers make? Not syncing LinkedIn and their resume; two of their most powerful job search tools.

Not only do job seekers fail to make LinkedIn and their resume stronger on their own. They also don’t think about how not doing this can work against them.   

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The Secret to Getting Way More Views of Your LinkedIn Profile

linkedin profile

You built an awesome LinkedIn profile, but no one seems to have noticed. No one is reaching out.

What do you need to do to way more views? Share status updates!   

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5 Reasons to Spend Much More Time on Your LinkedIn Headline

Twitter Handle

Your LinkedIn headline (that blurb of text right under your name) has always been a key component of your LinkedIn profile.

But in a job market that continues to be ultra-competitive, it’s more important now than ever before. Let’s explore why…   

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Your Boring LinkedIn Headline is Killing Your Career


Your LinkedIn headline is one of the most important parts of your profile, yet, you’ve left it up to LinkedIn what to say here?

Unless you proactively go into your profile and select a relevant, keyword rich headline, LinkedIn will select the last title you entered…   

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