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LinkedIn Endorsements: Getting the Most from You Skills Section

linkedin endorsements

LinkedIn Endorsements have been rather confusing from its inception, but they have been improving it over the years. With the latest feature changes, you now have complete control over the section, which could have a significant impact on your business and career.   

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Recommendations and References: How to Ask Your Contacts


Recommendations are a great way to highlight the quality of your work and your skill set.

At the same time, they serve as an impactful self-promotional tool…   

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5 Reasons You Must Ask for Recommendations on LinkedIn


Why do job seekers gloss over the importance of having strong recommendations tied to their LinkedIn profile?

Despite any “I’m not worthy” feelings that may surface: I bet that you could come up with at least three colleagues more than happy to speak positively of your work. And the time and energy required to gather those testimonials is more than worth the effort as having recommendations on LinkedIn is now important for several reasons…   

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How to Ask for LinkedIn Recommendations That Get Results


You know by now for a successful job search, and to build your career, you must network. LinkedIn is an essential tool for successful job search and networking.

When you apply for a job on LinkedIn, or when recruiters review your profile, the number of recommendations is among the first details someone sees about you. A good number of high-quality recommendations increases your credibility as a candidate…

So let’s get those connections AND those recommendation numbers beefed up with these 5 steps:   

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Improve Your Profile: 5 Rules for LinkedIn Recommendations

Should you ask for a physical letter of recommendation or a LinkedIn recommendation?

LinkedIn Recommendation shouldn’t be ignored. 93% of HR professionals surveyed recently, report that they use LinkedIn in the recruiting process. Here are a few ways in which LinkedIn recommendations can benefit your social and professional networking efforts even before you apply for a job:   

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7 Linkedin Recommendation Best Practices for Your Job Search

While hanging out with some of our WetFeet.com developers last week, one of them mentioned that he dismisses all LinkedIn recommendations when the two people have made mutual recommendations for each other. Basically he (and supposedly many others) believe the content written by the references in these situations—or at least one of them—is, well, bullshit.   

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