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LinkedIn: Still Your Best Professional Network

Linkedin Professional development

If you’re interested in professional development or professional networking, there is still no replacement for LinkedIn.

So how do you cut through all that crap and use LinkedIn to build your career? Here are some pointers…   

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5 Reasons Employers Don’t Like Your LinkedIn Profile [Infographic]

5 Reasons Recruiters Don

You’ve jumped all over LinkedIn… and yet the results rank right in between slim and none. Recruiters simply aren’t finding you. Why? When trying to be found, what mistakes should you avoid? Which sections of your profile actually show up in search results, and should be optimized at every opportunity? This terrific infographic from LinkedIn.in30Minutes.com answers those questions – and much more. Take a look, and then decide: how will you improve your LinkedIn profile today?      

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5 Expert Tips to Help Recruiters Find You on LinkedIn

jobvite LI survey

As we all know, well over 90% of recruiters are using LinkedIn according to the 2013 Jobvite social recruiting study, to search, contact, keep tabs, and vet candidates.

So why isn’t your phone ringing off the hook with job offers?

Here’s what you need to do to ensure recruiters are looking at your LinkedIn profile…   

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3 Tips for College Students to Build a Professional Online Presence

Online presence for college students

Many assume the millennial generation is born knowing how to do everything online. The truth, however, is that building an online professional persona can be daunting, even for the most technologically-savvy millennials.

You are not alone if this online presence thing feels new and a little overwhelming. It seems building an online presence comes up among college students at every event I attend…   

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How to Take Your LinkedIn Profile from Good to Great [Infographic]


45 million profiles are viewed each day on LinkedIn… a staggering statistic that reinforces the need to stand out when a recruiter, colleague or influencer finds you. After all, each view is a potential networking connection – and career opportunity.

To help ensure your LinkedIn profile is representing your professional brand well – and creating the right first impression – here are five things LinkedIn says you can do, right now, to make sure your profile shines…   

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17 Must-Haves for the Perfect Linkedin Profile

17 LinkedIn Profile Must-Haves

You’ve built your LinkedIn profile and are ready to begin networking and attracting the attention of influencers, decision makers and employers. Great start!

Keep in mind though, that your profile is one of over 200 million on the site, many of who have the same goals. So how do you make your LinkedIn profile stand out among the rest?   

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