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LinkedIn Photo Fails That Could Ruin Your Brand [Infographic]

linkedin photo

In the age of duck lipped, tongue out, ultra-close-up selfies that may or may not include a toilet in the background, the list of profile photo fails is endlessly entertaining. But you’d expect to see these on Instagram or Facebook, not on LinkedIn. After all, LinkedIn was designed to help manage your professional identity, engage with your professional network, and access opportunities and knowledge within your given industry. It’s supposed to help you improve your brand, impress your network, and generate opportunities. And your LinkedIn photo is the first thing people see.   

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Your LinkedIn Photo Sucks: Here Are 5 Reasons Why

LinkedIn Profile Sucks

Young professionals tell me they find LinkedIn intimidating, and even “corporate”… especially after they’ve posted so many casual, social photos on other social networking sites.

However, there are at least three good reasons to have a GOOD profile photo on LinkedIn…   

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