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LinkedIn Headlines: Here’s How Recent Changes Benefit You

linkedin headlines

LinkedIn has given all of its users a very special but hard to find gift, and most people are not taking advantage of it. Here’s a clue; it has to do with LinkedIn headlines.

So, what is this special gift?   

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How to Write the Perfect Social Media Profile Headline

Headlines That Grab HR

Too many people are flat, uninteresting, and vague in their communications – in their email body and subject, in their LinkedIn profile, and of course, on their resume.

No doubt you’ve experienced the challenge of having your application sit in a recruiter’s inbox with hundreds of other potentially qualified candidates. Fact is that even the best candidates go unnoticed due to the application volume alone. The key to standing out is less in timing and more in your profile/email/resume headline, so leverage it accordingly.

Here are a few tips to help you craft an attention-grabbing, specific headline…   

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