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LinkedIn Endorsements: Getting the Most from You Skills Section

linkedin endorsements

LinkedIn Endorsements have been rather confusing from its inception, but they have been improving it over the years. With the latest feature changes, you now have complete control over the section, which could have a significant impact on your business and career.   

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How Confused Are You About LinkedIn Endorsements?

linkedin endorsements

Even though it’s been over three years since LinkedIn launched the Skills feature – and allowed endorsements of those skills – it’s one of the most confusing and misunderstood LinkedIn profile sections.

To help end that confusion, here are seven facts and tips about LinkedIn endorsements…   

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7 Ways to Get Legitimate LinkedIn Endorsements

LinkedIn Endorsements

LinkedIn has more than 400 million users. So how does a single job seeker or young business professional stand out, get found and then impress a potential employer?   

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24 LinkedIn Endorsements Employers Would Actually Care About

LinkedIn Endorsements

There’s no such thing as a skills gap.

That’s the contention from Paul Krugman, columnist for The New York Times. He rejects the idea that employers can’t find people with the “right” set of skills.

It’s one thing to DO financial analysis but equally important HOW you do financial analysis. Are you dependable? Easy to work with? Considerate of others?

That’s why we should add these 24 “endorsements” to LinkedIn profiles that would make you a better candidate.   

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Recruiters Report: LinkedIn Endorsements Are Meaningless

LinkedIn Endorsements

You know those LinkedIn Skill Endorsements you have on your profile… the ones where friends, co-workers and check a box indicating that you possess particular skills? They are meaningless.

We asked more than 25 hiring managers and found that most of them don’t care much about how many people endorse your skills. So, why aren’t hiring managers warming up to the LinkedIn Skill Endorsement feature?


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Do LinkedIn Endorsements Help or Hurt Your Career?

Linkedin endorsements

Like them or hate them, LinkedIn endorsements aren’t going away.

Dismissed by many as something as about as useful as a Facebook “like,” many career industry experts and recruiters see this feature as pure fluff. They felt many endorsements were akin to “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.”

But social media experts have a different angle. Thought leader and 312digital.com founder Sean McGinnis had this to say about it in a recent Facebook post:   

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