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The Most Exciting LinkedIn Feature You Won’t Believe is Free

exciting linkedin feature

LinkedIn has lots of great ways to find the right people in its 550 million person database. But the one exciting LinkedIn feature that seems to have the biggest wow factor?

Using the “Connections of” feature to search…   

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How Many Strategic LinkedIn Connections Do You Need to Be Successful?

strategic linkedin connections

Strategic LinkedIn connections are the gas in your tank. The more you have the further you’ll go, especially if the gas in your tank is “high octane.”

But is there really something magical about having 500+ people in your network?   

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Networking 101: Should You Hide Your LinkedIn Connections?

linkedin connections

How many people are actually hiding their connections from their network? On my recent LinkedIn user survey, I asked this question. Here are the results.   

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How to Quickly Get Your LinkedIn Connections More Organized

linkedin connections

Did you know LinkedIn has a simple and easy-to-use tool built right into the site that will help you organize your connections?

It’s called the Relationship feature and it sits at the top of each first-level connection’s profile, but many people have not discovered it…   

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5 Strategies to Maximize Your Success on LinkedIn

linkedin connections

LinkedIn has been building professional networks across the globe since 2002. Now, they boast over 330 million users.

Their slogan, ‘Relationships Matter,’ captures the essence of the service and reminds users that the ultimate goal for everyone should be to seek relevant, meaningful connections. And to do that, your approach matters… a lot.   

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Want to Make Better LinkedIn Connections? Get Personal

Get Personal

Nearly every day, I receive (and send) many connection requests through LinkedIn. And I continue to be surprised that the large majority of those who wish to connect fail to personalize the message!

Now, let me first explain first that I don’t normally get too upset with this. I’m fully aware that LinkedIn mobile apps don’t let the user provide any personalization…   

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