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LinkedIn Content: Is Posting or Sharing Worth the Effort?

linkedin content

Is posting and/or sharing LinkedIn content worth the effort?

I’m frequently asked this question during my LinkedIn presentations. Most questions I can answer with a confident “yes” or “no,” but this one requires a “maybe” or “it depends” answer. I need to ask some follow-up questions to determine if it’s worth it for someone to post and share on LinkedIn.   

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How to Get Noticed through Engaging LinkedIn Comments

linkedin comments

A robust LinkedIn profile isn’t enough. Sorry. You need to be active on the platform. If you want to increase the number of people looking at your profile and expand your network, then posting engaging LinkedIn comments is the fix! As a social network, LinkedIn rewards people who post engaging content and comments. What do I mean by reward? Your profile gets more visibility. When you associate with high ranking content and people who are influential in your industry/career, you get noticed. Liking isn’t enough to improve your profile’s visibility. And I realize not everyone can or should be writing   

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