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A Comprehensive LinkedIn Profile Guide for Career Advancement, Part 2

comprehensive linkedin profile

In “A Comprehensive LinkedIn Profile Guide For Career Advancement, Part 1” we discussed the basics and the first 11 points on the 22 point checklist.

In Part 2, we feature the remaining items on that checklist, fleshing out your professional profile and setting the table for success…   

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The Comprehensive LinkedIn Profile Guide for Career Advancement, Part 1

linkedin profile guide

I’ve created a comprehensive LinkedIn Profile guide.

This 22-point check list outlines the sections you need to complete. Use this guidance to complete the various sections of LinkedIn for optimum results…   

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How to Handle Multiple Current Jobs on Your LinkedIn Profile

Multiple Current Jobs

How you list multiple current jobs on your LinkedIn profile depends on your LinkedIn strategy and the relationship of those jobs to your career goals.   

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Why “Looking for My Next Opportunity” is Okay on LinkedIn


In a world where job boards aren’t as effective as they once were, it’s no secret that LinkedIn is still considered the best tool to find talent. Especially for the passive candidate… the already-employed professional who would consider another offer… if a good offer came along.

And that is why I’m writing this blog… because we are all passive candidates.    

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How Easily Can Employers Find You?

Are Employers Finding You

Having an online profile that attracts employers and recruiters is critical to a successful job search. But, the best profile will be useless to you if those employers and recruiters you’ve worked so hard to attract have no way to reach you once they find you. So don’t play hard to get!

If an employer or recruiter is interested in making contact, you must make it very easy for them to reach out… because being difficult to contact causes opportunity to evaporate…   

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5 Signs You Might be a Loser on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Loser

In stark contrast to Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn members have developed ways to communicate with each other. As the platform has evolved, some connection and communication techniques have proven far more effective than others.

Use the wrong tools, or communicate in the wrong way – like those described below – and you may be labeled a Linkedin Loser…   

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