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#InternPro Chat: Career Lessons Learned from Not-So-Great Jobs

career lessons

So, spend your days doing something you don’t enjoy, or dealing with people you just can’t connected with. But it’s your job. You need the money. At the moment, all you want is a paycheck. Your goal is to move on and find a better job as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’re just wasting time… or are you? Even the worst jobs can teach us valuable career lessons.   

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11 Summer Internship Lessons Sure Help You Win the World of Work

summer internship lessons

While I’ve learned a lot from my classes, there are some summer internship lessons higher education just can’t teach you.

Here are some things I’ve picked up on so far, each sure to help you win the world of work…   

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Lifelong Learning: 11 Ways to Continuously Improve Your Soft and Hard Skills

lifelong learning

Ask anyone with a highly successful career. They’ll tell you: Lifelong learning — and specifically continuous development of both soft and hard skills — is the single best way to improve your career prospects. So we asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) this simple question: For the young careerist, what is the single best way to improve both soft and hard skills?

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Life Is Hard… Harder if You’re Being Stupid

John Wayne

John Wayne said: “Life is hard; harder if you’re stupid.”

While you may not consider yourself to be stupid, I want to challenge you to think about it in terms of being stale in your life and career. Are settling for status quo, or are you consistently looking for new information to learn and apply?   

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Experience U: 15 Tips to Earning a Lifelong Master’s Degree

Once You Stop Learning

The Millennial generation? Maybe we should be called the “Master’s” generation.

A story by Nick Anderson in The Washington Post describes how young professionals are funneling into colleges and universities at a record pace for advanced diplomas. In the report, Anderson says that from 2000 to 2012, the number of master’s degrees rose 63 percent.

“A plain ol’ bachelor’s won’t cut it anymore,” the theory goes…   

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