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Graduation Expectations: The 10 Most In-Demand Careers for 2017

graduation expectations

There are more people making their way through post-secondary education now than ever before.

For those with high graduation expectations, here are ten of the most in-demand careers you can anticipate finding upon graduation…   

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Twentysomething Comparisonitis: The Thief of Joy

Comparison thief

I’ve read that one third of 20-somethings feel depressed.

I believe it. And it’s easy to see why. The society we live in today makes sure we compare every single aspect of our lives with that of other people.

In our twenties, we’re paving our path, digging through dirt, figuring out which road we’d like to go down.

We’re discovering ourselves. We’re discovering the world.

But it seems that every time we manage to achieve something great in our lives, we then feel the need to compare ourselves to other people. Suddenly, all the awesome stuff we’re doing doesn’t seem to matter all that much.   

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College Grads Finish What They Start

Finish What You Start

A recent Washington Post story about college costs said that just over half of people who enter college leave with a bachelor’s degree. Thus, if you’re a recent grad, don’t miss the opportunity to highlight your ability to set and accomplish goals on your resume and in interviews.   

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