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12 Top Tips for Getting Hired After Graduation

get hired recent grads

Perhaps you are a December grad. Or maybe you’re looking ahead to May 2015 and graduation. You may even be one of the 2014 graduates who discovered that finding work post-graduation is far more difficult than anyone could imagine.

To help grads in either of those three scenarios, here are 12 tips to help you stand out in the job search and make yourself memorable to potential employers…   

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5 Ingenious Ways to Prepare for Your Next Job Interview

The date of an interview is circled on a calendar so you remember the important meeting with your potential new employer

After all the hard work you did creating a great resume, networking, applying for jobs and following up… finally, you’ve been called for an interview. Now the real work begins.

How can you nail that hard-earned interview? How do you ensure that on any given day, you can you beat the competition? Here are five tips to consider before your next job interview…   

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7 Ways to Nail Your Next Job (Before You Even Apply!)

Nail Your Next Job

These days, gold watches and pensions can be filed under “career fairy tales.” Quite on the contrary, just surviving a round or two of layoffs is considered a happy ending.

In a tough economy and an increasingly competitive job market, it may feel like you should always be planning your next move. And you should. But that doesn’t mean you need to be consumed by a perpetual job search…   

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4 Ways to Take Back Control of Your Job Search


With every job interview – some good, some not-so-good – comes a different candidate experience. Regardless of the organization, the recruiter and the position… what you take away from each experience is what matters.

What other opportunities are available? What should you expect next time? How can you leverage the company’s internal recruiting process?   

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How to Make the Most of Your Under-Employment


50 percent of recent college graduates were either unemployed or underemployed.

Underemployed means you have a job, but it might be part-time and it’s definitely below your skill set, education and capability. This is the position I found myself in three months after graduating.

However, I wasn’t satisfied with being underemployed. I was determined to make the most of my position. Here’s what I did, and what you can do, too, if you find yourself underemployed, and wanting more.   

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12 Famous People Who Found Career Success Later in Life


Once we commit to a certain path, many of us consider it nearly impossible to make a career change. We think about all that money spent on education. We dread telling our parents, significant other and our colleagues. And we worry, a lot, about moving into a career where we have little experience… and maybe even less confidence.

But what if you’re unhappy? What if your passions change? What if you know a change must come? Are you (as our dear friend Jennie Mustafa-Julock – aka “Coach Jennie” – puts it so well) the first person to ever say, “I don’t know what I want out of life… but it ain’t this!”   

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