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The Social Age Job Search: 7 New Soft Skills Now Required

Social Age Soft Skills

Today, employers are looking for soft skills no one even talked about five years ago.

And yet these skills have become so critical in the Social Age, that we simply must demonstrate them as we strive to compete well in today’s job market.   

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EQ and You: 7 Ways to Boost Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

IQ gets all the fame. It has Albert Einstein as a poster child and it just sounds so, well, smart.

But your EQ, your emotional intelligence, is equally as important in your personal success—plus, it’s key in the development of leadership skills…   

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When Millennials Become Managers: 5 Keys to Success

Millennial Managers

When you’re a 20-something Millennial managing a group of older employees, there’s no doubt you need to bring your A-game to show the team that despite your age, you’re perfectly capable of stellar leadership.   

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Veterans: Ready to Make a Real Impact in the Workplace

Military Veterans Primed for Success

On this Veterans Day, the team at YouTern honors our military veterans in the best way we could.

Today, we’re letting the working world know just how ready veterans are to make a real impact in the next chapter of their lives: their civilian career.   

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Be a Leader: How to Set and Achieve Team Goals [Infographic]

How to Set Goals infographic

As a young professional, goal setting may already be an important aspect of your career. In fact, it may have lead you to where you are today. Now that you’re there, though, you may have noticed those around you aren’t as goal-oriented as you are. Members of your team may be so busy doing their day-to-day chores that they fail to keep in mind the overall mission.

We have a name those who feel this way at work, who have identified that team goals are going unfulfilled, even unnoticed: Leader.   

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8 Leadership Lessons We Learned from Tony Stark (aka: Iron Man)


Tony Stark is a leader in many senses of the word. Not only is he a genius, but also he runs Stark Industries (his father’s corporation) and fights crime as Iron Man in his spare time. Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr., returned to theaters recently in his fourth film.

To ensure your career is “super”, here are eight leadership lessons we learned from Tony Stark…   

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