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Emotional Intelligence: A Key to Workplace Success [Infographic]

emotional intelligence

While there are many benefits to having high intelligence, many managers, supervisors, and other workers—particularly those who work in businesses in which interpersonal relationships are key—have become keenly aware that workplace success may depend on their ability to use another invaluable personality trait: emotional intelligence.   

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5 Straightforward Principles to Guide You as a Young Leader

young leader

As a young in a growing business, you’re probably clamoring to maintain control as things change — I know I was with my own company. Unfortunately, in my quest for control, I was actually doing my team a disservice. One of the core values at my company was to elevate everyone around you. Yet as a young leader, I was stuck in the weeds and getting in the way of the talented people we hired to get the job done.   

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8 Ways to Show Gratitude for Your Employees During the Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is behind us and we’re moving full steam into the holiday season. But that doesn’t mean we’re done saying thank you. In fact, this remains the perfect time to show gratitude for those who work with us, every day.   

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4 Ways to Demonstrate Leadership Skills Online

demonstrate leadership

As more companies try to do more with less, hiring managers are always on the hunt for candidates who demonstrate leadership skills.

But this leads to a difficult challenge for many younger job candidates…   

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Leadership Development: Time to Think About Career Next Steps

leadership development

Why should you, just starting out in your career, care about leadership development? After all, right now you may think you have more important issues, like getting a good job.   

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Tomorrow’s Leaders: What Does it Really Take to Be CEO [Infographic]

Have What it Takes to Be CEO

So, you want to be a CEO. The Big Kahuna. Grand Poobah. But do you have what it really takes?

This infographic from Brighton School of Business and Management takes an in-depth look at today’s CEO…   

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