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A 3-Step Approach to Becoming a More Effective Leader

Without leadership, no amount of money, resources or talent will ever achieve sustainable success for any organization. With it, however, all other odds and obstacles can be overcome. Leadership is what moves us from point A to point B; leadership is what makes each of us all that we have the potential to be. Leadership is what gives us hope for a better tomorrow.

No one ever said it was easy. Follow this process to become a more effective leader:   

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#InternPro Chat: “Entry-level Leadership: College As Training Ground Zero”

Ask an employer for a list of the top three soft skills they look for in a new hire… and leadership is going to be on most lists.

And not just because they can motivate others, but because leaders are generally thought to be coach-able, are good listeners and self-learners, and have a strong work ethic.

Of course, developing leadership skills while in college isn’t always easy. And being recognized for being a leader as a new entrant to the workforce can be even more difficult…   

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Leadership Is Destined To Color Inside The Lines (So Draw Better Lines)

The things we measure are the things that actually matter.

We are built (or at least heavily conditioned) to color inside the lines.

Now, if we think with a victim mentality, this reality is quite depressing. But if we believe that we create the future, it’s rather exciting.


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Managers: Leadership Is Not For You (Revisited)

Architecting a workplace that can celebrate individual talents will feel like forging a trail through thorns, at least at first, because it is intensely unconventional. There are a few reasons why this is so. One of these is the myth of “the American Dream.”

In the emerging culture, this is the job of leaders and managers: to help unleash the immense potential of each employee and to coach each person in finding a position where they and their talents can flourish.

Leadership is not for you—it’s always for the people who follow you.   

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