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This One Thought May Be Holding Back Your Job Search


Recently, I talked about one of the pet peeves I saw in job applicants as a hiring manager: the dreaded “foot in the door” comment.

Today, I want to tell you about another disappointing comment I hear far too often. If you’re thinking this way, it could be contaminating your job search. And you might not even be aware why…   

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5 Things You Should Never Say (or Even Think) About LinkedIn


Neglecting your LinkedIn profile while you’re gainfully employed is one of the biggest career mistakes I see people make.

If you haven’t been keeping up, and your goal in 2015 is to look for another job, you might find yourself saying one of the 5 phrases below…   

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5 Job Interview Research Techniques That Will Get You Hired

Job Interview Research

They can tell, you know.

When I was hiring people, my team and I could always tell whether someone had done their homework on the company. If they didn’t do the research, they were out…   

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4 Things Successful Job Seekers Do Every Day


Colin (my son, 26, with degrees in accounting and finance) was helping me record a video. While we were working, he stated that today’s job search remains “brutal” and “humbling.” Ah yes… it is all that and more. And yet there are success stories out there. There are job seekers doing well! And almost every one of them does four things better than almost anyone else. Here are four habits successful young careerists apply to their job search every day, and how they can benefit you: 1. They Don’t Focus Their Search Entirely Online Way too many of my clients spend a bunch of time   

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11 Tips for Getting a Great Job Even With a Low GPA


In speaking with a prospective client – an imminent grad, the topic of GPA came up. He mentioned his was not awful, but knew it probably wasn’t going to get him among the short list of candidates.

Maybe you are in the same boat? Maybe your resume isn’t going to help you get an interview?   

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How to Land a Job Offer from an Internship

Internship Plan

Over the summer, you may have discovered that you’re in a less than perfect internship where you find yourself scrambling for things to do, or trying to figure out how you can best fit in with the rest of the team.

If so, that’s a great opportunity to test your mettle in self-leadership, get out of your comfort zone, and try on some new skill sets!   

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