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3 Smooth Career Moves to Make Before 2016 Starts

Career 2016

The year isn’t over yet… there’s still time left in 2015 to do great things for your career.

Instead of spending a month or so thinking about next year’s resolutions, challenge yourself to complete these three smooth career moves before this year ends…   

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5 Unique Job Interview Tips for Recent Grads

 Job Interview

A recent grad was telling me how he was struggling with interviews. He’d prepared but didn’t feel good about how he delivered his answers. The result: failure.

If you’ve been interviewing lately, you might know his story, first hand…   

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7 Job Interview Tips for When Your GPA is Just Average


We focus a lot on GPA in school. But in the real world, here’s the reality: After you get your first job, your GPA will likely never come up again.

Getting that first job with a less-than-stellar GPA, though, can be tough…   

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How Do You Set Ambitious Yet Achievable Career Goals?

Success kid

Setting and achieving meaningful career goals provides three essential career nutrients: increased job satisfaction, higher self-esteem, and improved quality of your life.

But how do you set a right-size a goal that’s ambitious, yet achievable?   

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The 9 Biggest Job Interview Fails (And How They Hurt You)


The first thing you should know about job interviews: everyone being interviewed can probably do the job. The employer believes that, or they wouldn’t have extended the invitation for a meeting.

The purpose of the interview, then, is to see if you are a fit for the employer, and if the employer is a fit for you…   

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5 Tips to Help You Write a Great Cover Letter

Cover Letter

Make sure your cover letter doesn’t help eliminate you from the competition by controlling the effort, content, and ultimately the quality of how you communicate. Coupled with a great resume, this will put you up 2-0 over your less prepared, less careful competition.

Here are 5 ways you can write a great cover letter, and get it read.   

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