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You Don’t Have Time for an Internship? I’m Calling Bullsh*t


Almost daily, I read comments in Twitter chats and blog posts, and receive emails from Gen Ys saying they know internships are important. However, they say “I just don’t have time!”

I’m calling “Bullsh*t…

You can do better. The vast majority of you DO have time for an internship, and – at the risk of sounding all parental or professor-y… you know I’m right.   

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Or Hardly Working? The Office is a Lazy Place [Infographic]

With Smartphones, Facebook and an unlimited supply of cat videos at our fingertips, today’s workplace is full of distractions. So it’s not surprising that most of us don’t spend every minute at the office actually doing… work. What is surprising? How much we actually do goof while on the clock! How does your average day stack up against some of the numbers in this infographic from Under30Careers? Let us know in the comments below (don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss!)…       For this post, which appeared originally on Safety Training Videos, YouTern thanks our friends at Under30Careers.com!

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