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Social Influence Scoring: Klouty with A Chance of Pointless


As social media becomes more intertwined with our daily lives, there are a growing number of ways to try to evaluate our online credibility, capability, influence, and value.

It’s easy to think the “influence scores” generated by one-click endorsement (Klout, Kred, PeerIndex and others) services might provide real insight…   

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Want to Be Influential? Stop Worrying About Your Klout Score

I realize that by writing this, I am contributing to Klout pandemonium.

The last two days, everybody is asking – while pretending they never look or don’t care about their Klout scores – what happened to the Klout scores.

Influence is not based on some arbitrary Klout score that can be determined by some constantly changing algorithm. Clout – with a ‘c’ – is based on sincerity, traction and genuine effort.

And it must be earned.   

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Can Your Klout Score Change Your Life? Or Get You a Job?

Klout is the new Groupon. Everybody’s asking about Klout scores. We hear about Klout swag, Klout Kribs, and Klout parties. Every major blogger – perhaps to beef up their Klout score – is doing a story on… Klout.

And earlier this week, I saw a job seeker claiming he was denied an interview for a social media internship because his “Klout score was too low.” Then he asked, “Is there a way to game my Klout score?”   

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