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5 Ways 20-Somethings Can Show They’re Amazing and Capable


Let’s face it… ageism exists. Older people have to deal with it and those of us fresh out of college have to deal with it too.

It’s not fun. Some people really underestimate our ability.

So here are some things that we can do in our twenties to prove all those haters wrong. Because if you’re doing the right things in the workplace, you’re going to get noticed.

And you want to get noticed as the amazing and capable employee… not as the little twenty-year-old fresh out of college.   

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Twentysomething Comparisonitis: The Thief of Joy

Comparison thief

I’ve read that one third of 20-somethings feel depressed.

I believe it. And it’s easy to see why. The society we live in today makes sure we compare every single aspect of our lives with that of other people.

In our twenties, we’re paving our path, digging through dirt, figuring out which road we’d like to go down.

We’re discovering ourselves. We’re discovering the world.

But it seems that every time we manage to achieve something great in our lives, we then feel the need to compare ourselves to other people. Suddenly, all the awesome stuff we’re doing doesn’t seem to matter all that much.   

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5 Career Lessons Learned from “The Hunger Games”


So by now everyone’s tired of hearing about the Hunger Games. But too bad. I’m still going to write about it.

Yea, there are a lot of people annoyed by yet another teen love triangle. I have to say, though, I picked up some essential business lessons while watching the movie…   

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Here’s Why NOT Taking Time Off from Work… Is Stupid

Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life

I’ve noticed some people never take a vacation.

Worse yet, some people complain when OTHER people take vacation.

The belief, these days, in the lovely corporate world is that if your butt isn’t glued to your desk Monday-Friday, at least 8 hours per day, you’re not a hard worker.

It’s a concept so sad that just thinking about it makes me want to cry. Then, it makes me want to punch someone. In the face. Repeatedly.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is…   

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Straight A’s Don’t Pay: 5 Things Way More Important than GPA


Here’s the deal: contrary to what you’ve been told your whole academic life… straight A’s don’t pay off.

Your college GPA is to some degree important for your future—no employer wants to hire a D student. But if you’re tempted to spend all four years of college glued to the library for that perfect 4.0….   

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