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3 Essential Steps to Take Before Your Job Search Begins


So you’re ready to find your first job, or next job? You can’t wait to begin firing off applications!

But, wait just a minute! Are you really ready to begin your job search? Do you have all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed? Will you, right now, make a great first impression?   

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How to Write the Perfect Networking Follow-up Email

Has this ever happened to you?Follow-Up

You meet a great person at a networking event and you have a great conversation. With expectations high, you send a follow-up email. And another. Yet you get no response…   

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How to Write the Perfect Networking Follow Up Email


I made the mistake of not following up several times when I first started networking. I used to say to myself “I know they’ll contact me. I gave them my business card and told them a rock star career story that would enhance my personal brand.” As a result, no one ever contacted me.

It wasn’t until I started sending the networking follow up email below that I really started to see results.    

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Four Ways You Can Fall in L.O.V.E. With Networking


Networking and blind dates are quite similar. This is especially true regarding the fear of rejection.

Blind dates can be uncomfortable, they often feel forced, and everyone is trying to sell something (themselves). Networking events… are the same.

I am going to help you overcome all of those crappy feelings and show you how to fall in L.O.V.E. with networking.   

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Make Twitter Your Favorite Way to Meet People


Networking on Twitter is my favorite way to meet new people. And it should be yours, too.

Here are two reasons why:

It’s easy to respond to someone without being considered weird.
It’s easy to find people who have the same interests you.


Never in a million years did I think one tweet would lead to drinks with the co-founder of a multimillion-dollar company.   

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Networking a Nightmare? 10 Ways to Break Through the Fear

network outside the box

A lot of people tell me networking makes them nervous. They say they feel weird and awkward meeting new people.

Networking can be that way sometimes, especially when you first get started. But I will help you overcome your fear by using myself as an example.

Below are 10 actions I almost didn’t take because I feared rejection or being labeled as weird and awkward. But they worked!   

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