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2020 Job Seeker Nation Study: What You Need to Know

job seeker nation

Jobvite’s 2020 Job Seeker Nation study was just released and here are the highlights to help you understand how job seekers find jobs during COVID-19 (and before COVID-19) and apply for them.   

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A Candidate’s Job Market Means Stronger Competition for Job Seekers

job seekers

This year’s Job Seeker Nation study by Jobvite highlights job search trends from the candidate’s perspective. If you are actively or passively looking for a new job, you’ll want to see what the competition is doing and become one of the stronger job seekers.   

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Are You Professionally Monogamous? [Infographic]

Are You Professionally Mongamous

Are you, as a job seeker or young careerist, monogamous? Are employers capable of loyalty? Are they retaining their best talent?

This infographic from Jobvite takes a close look at these questions, and answers many more…   

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How the Tech Savvy Search for Work in 2014 [Infographic]

The Mobile Job Seeker

The job seeking world, like most everything in the Social Age, has gone mobile. Led by Millennials, today’s job seekers expect to find and apply for jobs, network and communicate with employers all from their iPhones or Androids.

How and when are you looking for work? And, perhaps more important, are you keeping up with your increasingly mobile job seeking competition? For the answers to those questions and more, check out Jobvite’s infographic, “The Mobile Job Seeker: How the Tech Savvy Seek Work in 2014″…

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Applications on the Go: The Rise of Mobile Job Search


Seems like everyone is glued to their smartphone these days, everywhere we go. Apps, texting, Instagramming, Snapchatting, posting, tweeting… And increasingly, we’re using our phones for yet another life task: the mobile job search.

A hot trend to watch is the rise in job seekers searching and submitting applications while “on the go”. This is according to Jobvite’s 2014 Job Seeker Nation Report. There are some other very interesting take-aways as well…   

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How Does Your Social Footprint Look to a Recruiter? [Infographic]

In the old days (like 3 or 4 years ago), as recruiters narrowed down a list of candidates, they would walk step-by-step through the best recruiting method available to them: Do a face-to-face interview Check references hand-picked by the candidate Rely partly on instinct, and partly on hope that the candidate was sincere during the interview process Make an largely uninformed hiring decision Ultimately, this process didn’t allow recruiters any objective insight into candidates… other than what they were told. Social media changed all that. And smart job seekers are taking full advantage. Social media gives savvy recruiters and hiring   

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