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Finding Job Search Doors Closed? Make Your Own Window

open a window

Just about every job seeker can tell this story: They apply for the perfect job opening. And then they wait. And wait. They never hear from the company.

An organization may want to hire, and may post open positions, but that doesn’t mean it’s in a rush to fill them. Job seekers should note a new study by three economists which underscores that the flip side: companies frequently hire even without having a formal opening.   

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How Job Seekers Can Overcome “Analysis Paralysis”


Too many job seekers accomplish very little from day to day because they believe they have to have everything perfect before they make a call, submit a resume, pursue a job lead, or set a meeting. They get stuck in “Analysis Paralysis”!!! I’m a big believer in great preparation, and many of my articles talk extensively about preparing and practicing thoroughly in order to present yourself as professionally as you can. However, at some point you have to just decide it’s close enough and jump in! Otherwise, you end up achieving little. Some basic realizations can help you put things   

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How Long Will Your Job Search Take?


With the average job hunt now at 40 weeks, accept this as truth: your job search is going to take longer than we want… or perhaps expect.

So the question becomes: are you being realistic when setting your job search goals? Check out these four tips to help you improve your job search by staying focused, and realistic…   

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