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Why “Close Enough” Isn’t for Resume Keywords

Jobscan blog

We’ve all done less than perfect work at some point in our lives. Whether submitting a vague English essay or only slightly braking at a STOP sign, sometimes “close enough” is sufficient.

One place that’s not the case, especially in today’s job market: submitting your resume.    

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Long Distance Networking: A Long-Term Investment

Long Distance Networking

Networking is about building relationships. Period. It isn’t the smarmy “What can you do for me?” exercise that many novices see it as — and if you’re doing it that way, it probably isn’t doing much for you. And in today’s economy, if you aren’t investing in networking on a global scale, your networking may not be doing much for your career. I live in San Diego, home to one of the large hubs of biotech companies. That gives me a natural advantage when looking for a job in the biotechnology industry; indeed, my local network is full of people   

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You Must Break These 2 Iron-Clad Resume Rules


Ask ten so-called “experts” for resume writing advice, and you’re bound to get 10 different responses.

Not all of them will take today’s job search into consideration, however. Two traits in particular, once touted as iron-clad requirements for a good resume, can now officially be put out to pasture…   

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