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Key to Success: Knowing How Recruiters Read Resumes

recruiters read resumes

How do you land that dream job? Knowing how recruiters read resumes is critical… and the first step is making is it past your prospective employer’s applicant tracking system. Even after an ATS narrows things down to a (somewhat) manageable stack of resumes, there are often still too many for recruiters and hiring managers to give serious consideration to each one. So, when a hiring manager sits down to start working through a stack of resumes, they spend about six seconds scanning them to see which ones they can eliminate right off the bat. That might sound unfair, but it’s really just   

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6 Creative Resumes That Got the Job Done

6 creative resumes

Recently, I exchanged emails with a friend managing a new hire process for his company. “I’ve looked at enough resumes the last few weeks to last me a lifetime,” he wrote. And that is our reality. Any candidate applying for a job in today’s market has to compete with up to hundreds of other applicants. So how can job seekers possibly capture a recruiter’s attention when all resumes look the same? While there are plenty of subtle ways to make a resume stand out, some job seekers have gone above and beyond active verbs, quantifiable achievements, and proper resume keyword selections. Here are six   

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For Your Next Job Interview: 3 TED Talks on Body Language

Ted Talk

It’s common for job seekers to concentrate on planning memorable and convincing answers to typical job interview questions. We practice and practice until the words come out just right.

Not so common: preparing for non-verbal communication, or body language…   

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12 Quick Tips to Help You Find a New Job This Fall

job search tips for fall

The year’s third season has arrived… a time of harvest. Specifically: the time to reap the benefits of what was so carefully sowed back in the spring.

But if you’re a job seeker, it can be hard to stay motivated as the summer passes and the sunlight begins to leaves us again…   

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Does Your Resume Say It’s 2015? Or Scream 1995?


Let’s cut right to today’s reality: An outdated resume is a reliable way to wind up in the delete bin.

If you’re right for a role, your resume has to not only include the right resume keywords and relevant skills, but must be presented in a format a recruiter and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) can easily digest…   

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Need a Resume Makeover? Try These 5 Quick Fixes

Fast Fixes

Many of us don’t even think about our resume until we really need it—which means your resume might now be considered out-of-date, or even obsolete.

Whether you’re searching for a job for the first time this summer, or for the first in years, there are five fixes you can make right now to quickly bring your resume up-to-date…   

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