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Job Titles Can Make or Break Your Resume with Recruiters

job titles

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) and job boards alike utilize keyword-driven search functionalities to evaluate resumes and assess a candidate’s potential fit.

While you can’t always control job titles, you can determine how you are depicted on paper. Just as important, you can impact how your resume will be received by technology that depends on keywords.   

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Here’s Exactly How to Decode Those Confusing Job Titles


“Accounting Ninja.” “Conversation Architect.” “Social Media Unicorn.”

What are employers thinking with these job titles? The reality is that employers are getting more creative with their hiring processes. Whether it’s asking job seekers to jump through hoops during the application process or   

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Recruiters Must Adapt for New Job Titles in 2013

“Search Engine Optimization Specialist”, “Mobile App Developer” and “Digital Media/Blogger” are just some of the contemporary positions companies are looking to fill in 2013. Finding the right candidate, however, can be easier said than done… especially since many of these jobs didn’t exist just a few years ago.

In this world of social networks, Twitter, iPads and smartphones, companies must change the way they find this new type of talent. From building a social media presence to tapping professional networks, here’s how to recruit right in 2013…   

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