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11 Easy Ways to Increase Happiness at Work

Happy at Work

How do we stay happy at work? What is the key to making each day fulfilling, and going home feeling good about our work… and ourselves?

For advice on how to deliberately create a happy climate at work, we asked this question: “What is one simple practice I can adopt to be happier at work?”   

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Why I Didn’t Settle for a J-O-B and You Shouldn’t Either


Are you on the right track? Are your goals matched with what you really want to do?

In case they aren’t, I’m going to walk you through the process I went through once I decided to throw in the towel on a j-o-b. And I’m going to show you how to take the steps required to live life on your terms. Even if you’re happy with the work you’re doing right now, read this puppy, think about where you’re heading…   

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These “Never Forget” Items are Cornerstones of a Successful Career

Career Success Cornerstone

I recently facilitated a great conversation about two issues that make a huge difference in your career.

Performed consistently, these “never forget” items serve as two cornerstones in building a successful career. They are simple ideas… tips we hear often but that in reality aren’t actually used any near often enough (even though one easily facilitates the other)…   

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5 Skills That Immediately Improve Your Career Street-Cred

Professional credibility

You finally graduated and you’re on your own, ready to take on the professional world. Sure, you took all the necessary courses to earn your diploma. But there are some very necessary professional skills your professors likely didn’t teach you.

These aren’t industry-specific skills like biology or accounting, nor are they soft skills like learning how to get along well with others and communicate. Instead, these skills often fall under the radar but can increase enormously your professional street-cred. Best of all, you can apply these skills to a variety of careers.

Adopt ‘em, adapt ‘em, and, young professionals, you give yourself a valuable edge over your professional peers.   

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7 Proven Ways to Perform Better at Your Job

Hard Work is Not Enough

There are many benefits to performing better at your job; promotions, pay raises and increased job security among them.

While the results are easy to grasp, many have trouble understanding what it takes to earn these results; they don’t know exactly how to achieve more without falling into “working harder” trap and trying to cram more hours in the day.

That simply does not work. To get truly better at your job, you have to get a little creative…   

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The Secret to Getting Ahead: Getting Started

Start - Green Button

Starting something new… whether it’s a career, a job search, a new year’s resolution, for example… can be one of the hardest things in the world.

And for the big projects in life—figuring out your future, applying to school, making a career choice—it feels next to impossible to get going.

When it comes to beginning something new, how the heck do you get started? The truth is… it’s easier than most people think. Just follow these four steps:   

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