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6 Reasons Volunteering is Great for Your Job Search


Struggling to accrue the necessary experience to find a good job? Getting beat up by a long job search?

If you are a new grad with little actual work experience, or a job seeker looking for your next position, here are the reasons that you must consider volunteering…   

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How Much Do Recruiter’s Focus on the Candidate Experience? [Infographic]


In a highly competitive job market, sometimes it helps to know what “the other side” is thinking, how they work to attract new talent, and what exactly they are looking for in a new employee.

Which makes this infographic from Jobvite very interesting. Here, we get to see exactly what recruiters are doing to attract top talent…   

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The Top 3 TED Talks for Job Seekers


A job search may be frustrating and discouraging at times, but there’s plenty of encouragement and insight available to those looking for it, including TED Talks.

While many TED Talks are designed to help entrepreneurs, leaders and influencers, these are perfect for job seekers…   

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11 Ways to Make a First Impression That Lasts


Whether you apply for a job that’s full time, part time or temporary, small details leave a big impression.

That’s because competition is tough, even for temporary and contract positions…   

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Why I Threw Away My Resume (And You Should Too)

Delete Button

If you’re looking to hire me for either a full-time or project-based position, you should be aware of something: Don’t ask me for a resume. I’m done with it.

If you’re reading this as a job seeker and you’re also involved with creative, entrepreneurial and outside-the-box industries, you should do the same…   

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What Do Managers Look For in Entry-Level Employees? [Infographic]


According to a survey by Bridge: “Managers hire employees based on attitude and work ethic, then hope to effectively train them to develop other skills they need to excel in an entry level position.”

Skills like professionalism, time management, interpersonal communication — and even technical skills. Why?    

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