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The Top 15 Candidate Traits That Will Get You Hired

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Are you the perfect job candidate? There are certain traits employers look for in the ideal job seeker. During your job search, remember no job applicant is perfect, though each and every one should strive for consistent improvement. With that being said, recruiters, hiring managers and human resource professionals will prioritize hiring job seekers who can be described as having the following 15 traits:   

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3 R’s You Can’t Live Without: Referrals, References and Recommendations


Referrals, references, and letters of recommendation are all significant pieces of the job search puzzle, and they all require you to ask somebody for something.

As you are likely all too aware, a job search is not a solo project. Who can you ask for help and what exactly do you need from them? What are employers looking for when they ask for references? Lexie Forman-Ortiz from SmartRecruiters was kind enough to discuss these questions with me and suggest ways to include your professional network in the process.   

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Here’s What Professional Networking Looks Like


Almost every one of my jobs, and my companies, have been built upon relationships and networking.

Which is why even if you’re not actively looking for a job, you should be actively networking at every phase of your career…   

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The 5 Questions You Must Ask Before Starting a New Job


While there’s no way to truly experience the organization before accepting an offer, what can job seekers do to better estimate what the new job will be like? The following questions are designed to help you find out what you need to know about your responsibilities on the job, in the workplace environment, and as part of company culture:   

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Your Digital First Impression: Writing the Perfect Intro Email


A good, solid follow up letter not only demonstrates professionalism and follow through, but it’s also an important opportunity to reaffirm your interest and get back on the company’s radar.

Even more important: the communications you use to market your resume and application…   

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Your Resume: The Objective Statement Must Die


Resumes need help. Your resume needs help.

And I am on a mission.

And it isn’t a very pretty one. Every every single time I see a resume that still has “Objective Statement” emblazoned across the top of the document, I flinch.

I used to think that perhaps this outdated resume component would fade away much like bell-bottom pants. Sadly, that hasn’t come to pass…   

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