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Job Security? 10 Jobs Where You Probably Won’t Get Replaced by Robots

job security

We all know technology is taking over every aspect of our lives, including our jobs. And let’s face it, robots could probably do a lot of stuff better than us. Which means many of us might soon be dealing with the anxiety caused by the lack of job security.

But there are certain jobs where humans will always be needed, right?   

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Job Security Is Dead! Take Control of Your Career

What’s your biggest fear when it comes to potentially losing your job? You don’t want to be late on your rent or bills, and you might even have a family to support. That’s why job security was a big deal for you.


Yes — it’s gone. No need to pretend otherwise.

So, what can you do to help yourself feel secure when there’s no longer job security? Here are a few ideas:   

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Are You Irreplaceable at Work? Ask These 7 Questions

Is there a way to become the type of employee that your employer just can’t afford to let go? Is it possible for you to know so much that your employer would do anything to avoid losing you?

Here are seven question you can ask yourself—and to evaluate yourself as an employee—to determine if you are… irreplaceable…   

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Why “Tribe” Is The New “Job Security”

The hyper-connection of the globe is having a fascinating effect on the way we approach relationships in the marketplace. It almost seems that the more connectivity we have, the more we become aware of a lack of real, true connection.

At the same time this “tribal redux” is happening in our personal lives, we are also experiencing a transition in business. We are migrating away from old-school hierarchy and full-time structured jobs to the more fluid, organic, and virtual sphere of contract workers.   

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