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The Many Ways to Uncover Job Opportunities

uncover job opportunities

You’ll want to use every source available to uncover job opportunities because job boards aren’t the only place employers announce jobs. Recruiters are branching out and trying new ways to attract candidates. Companies are luring candidates with creative job postings in many places besides the job boards. In order to discover opportunities, this means you’ll need to expand where you are looking for opportunities!   

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Time Management Strategies for an Effective Job Search [Infographic]

time management strategies

It’s time to find your dream job. You’ve done your research, prepared for interviews, and gotten some sage job search advice. Unfortunately, you didn’t account for the sheer number of resumes you’d be creating just to get a call-back from a recruiter. It can be overwhelming if you don’t use your time wisely. While effective time management strategies will vary, they all have a few things in common. To successfully manage your time, you need a plan, the right materials, and a reliable method to track your progress.   

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Updating Your Resume Is Not the First Step to a New Job

updating your resume

Updating your resume is not the best first step when you start a job search. You have to be clear about what YOU want to do and what you are skilled at. I have said this before, and I am going to say it again – I despise resumes. They are historical.  In other words, your resume only shows what you’ve done in the past, not what you can do and not necessarily what you want to do next.   

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10 Job Interview Mistakes You Need to Avoid [Infographic]

job Interview mistakes

As anyone who has been in a job search for a while knows, being invited to a job interview is not something easily achieved. Becoming one of the few candidates rather than being part of the usually gigantic crowd of job applicants is a major victory. Unfortunately, too many job candidates blow their interview opportunities, wasting all that time and effort. How do they blow it? By making some serious, yet often subtle, job interview mistakes.   

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The Recruiting Process: What Every Job Seeker Needs to Know

recruiting process

The recruiting process is an enigma for job seekers! Wouldn’t you love to know what human resource professionals are really thinking as they review candidates? Now you can get the inside scoop on what really matters to HR professionals. Human resource professionals have a set of rules, written and unwritten, and the more you know about these rules, the better you can compete and land your next role.   

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5 Keys to Writing the Perfect Custom Cover Letter

custom cover letter

Yes, you should include a cover letter and yes, you should write a custom cover letter! These are 5 things you should tweek!   

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