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Don’t Believe These 5 Career and Job Search Myths

job search myths

Whether you’re searching for your next job or about to start a new one, you’re likely to come across some old-school thinking that has moved beyond bad advice… and all the way into “myth” status.

As you continue your job hunt, or take on that new role, don’t let yourself get bogged down by these myths that have wedged themselves into our cultural consciousness of what it means to find, and be at, work…   

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41 Reasons Recruiters Don’t Hire You


“Perception is more important than reality” is how the saying goes. Whether it’s true, perception certainly often carries more weight in how people interact with us.

With that in mind, do you what messages your words, body language, style of dress, written communication etc. convey to others? We often live inside our own heads so much, we forget that in every interaction we are being evaluated.

What about how hiring managers perceive you? Their evaluations mean the difference between hearing “you’re hired” and continuing your job search. You should understand where or why your behavior could get you eliminated.

Take a few minutes to review this important list of common reasons candidates are rejected, and some ideas on how to avoid joining this statistic.   

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College (Un)Prep: When You Must Teach Yourself Job Search 101


At a dark bar in the Flatiron district one overcast weeknight, an old friend from college and I whispered over drinks, our hands cupped conspiratorially around our wine glasses.

“Everything I learned that got me where I am today,” she said, “I had to teach myself.”

Her comment was far from surprising. In fact, I felt exactly the same way. And apparently so do almost half of our peers…

A recent McKinsey study found that only 45 percent of recent college graduates felt their colleges adequately prepared them for entry-level positions in their fields. Many of them can’t find jobs.

So why are so many colleges and universities producing unskilled graduates, and what can we do to nip the issue in the bud?   

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5 Reasons a Virtual Version of Your Resume is Required

Virtual Resume

It is increasingly difficult to stand out in that stack of resumes piling up on a recruiter’s desk. You are initially just a piece of paper; they don’t know you, other than what’s written on your resume.

Thankfully, however, virtual resumes help you evolve from mere resume… to a really great candidate who must be interviewed.   

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The Resume: Your Golden Ticket to Employment (Or Is It?)

Golden Ticket

A professionally written resume is the only tool you need in your job search arsenal.

That’s it … you may return to your regularly scheduled program … thank you!

Seriously though, over the past month, I’ve spoken with clients who make the same two huge job search mistakes:   

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