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Your Resume is a Career Killer: Here’s the Real Reason Why

Context and Content

We hear it all the time…

“The economy still sucks. I’ve sent 50 applications and haven’t gotten one call.”

In many industries and some locations in the US, it is true: the economy still sucks. However, the cold-hard truth is that if you’ve sent 50+ applications and have generated no interest in you as a potential employee… something else sucks more than the economy…   

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Are Past Job Titles Killing Your Present Job Search?


Job title inflation is rampant, and that’s not to say it’s wrong – I always encourage candidates to use verbiage that both accurately describes their role and contributions, but that also best speaks to the interests of the position.

One thing they’re doing wrong is slapping a job title on the resume that says nothing about what they did, and/or conveys a completely different level of expertise than that which they’re targeting.   

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Can Hope Become a Replacement for Action?


“Hope” is a feeling of expectation and desire for events to happen. “Hope” is a heart-warming mantra for spectators of the world. It is my belief that “hope”–this blinding euphemism–keeps people from succeeding more than anything else.

I don’t hope anything for anyone … including myself. I even try to remove it from everyday speech.

“Hope” sucks.

In fact, I detest it. And you should, too.   

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Is Your Job Search Dying? Treat the Disease!

Treat the Symptoms

Dave Ramsey is fond of saying that debt is a symptom, not a disease. In Dave’s view, the disease which causes debt is overspending. Dave spends a lot of time teaching people how to budget their money; how to treat the disease, not the symptom. This method helps the over-spenders not only get out of debt, but stay out of debt, too.

Searching for a job is the same concept…   

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5 Do’s and Don’ts When Applying for Your First Job

Dos and donts

Applying for college courses can be a challenging experience for first time students – especially when mastering that personal statement part of the application.

After making the transition from campus to career, the skills, tips and tricks learned during those days (or even weeks) spent painstakingly crafting the perfect personal statement for your college application don’t have to be wasted. Instead you can put these lessons to use when applying for your first job…   

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How to Answer the 8 Toughest Job Interview Questions Ever

Toughest Job Interview Questions

Being well-prepared for your job interview will boost your confidence… and lower your anxiety.

What is the single best way to prepare for any interview?

Draft answers to the most common interview questions. Although every interviewer is different and questions vary by industry, there are some questions you’ll likely encounter in most every job interview…   

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