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Turn Your College Years into Real and Relevant Job Experience

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Many college students and recent grads face the “I don’t have experience” dilemma in their job search. In one recent blog post I included this:

Most new grads have more experience and skills than they give themselves credit for, and then struggle with turning it into value statements for employers.

The truth is most grads do have experience. It just may not be in a j-o-b for which they were paid a salary.   

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Jobless After Graduation? Not if You Follow These 5 Tips

hired after graduation

According to a survey by the Economic Policy Institute, the unemployment rate for 2013 college grads sits at 8.8 percent. While the economy is improving, soon-to-be college grads entering the job market may feel apprehensive about finding work after they walk across that stage.

Don’t spend your remaining college career, and the summer, dwelling in your post-grad blues, though. Get motivated today and become gainfully employed with these job search tips!   

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Alumni Networks: Bringing College with You to the Real World


When I was in college, I was involved a lot on campus. Fast forward to when I first moved to Boston and I knew four people; two of whom were family.

I really missed that community feeling, and knew my college had provided it before. So I checked out opportunities to stay involved even though I was no longer on campus. Most universities have alumni chapters in major cities across the U.S. and it’s definitely worth your time to get involved. Not only is it a great place to network- there are people of every age and industry involved- but you have a common thread to talk about and a reason for them to help you.    

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For a Successful Job Search… Focus First on Strategy


“My daughter sends out 5 applications online every day, and then has a melt-down on Friday about how bad the job market is!”

Does this sound familiar to your job search? If so, let’s talk about the job search for recent grads. Here’s a couple of things that are really important to know.    

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5 Steps to Build a Career… Without Feeling Like a Sell-out


Recently, I led a career coaching workshop for accomplished women. They were worried about finding careers and making their way in work and life as they headed toward graduation.

Specifically, they wanted to be able to “make money without selling out.” And they’re not the only ones saying this — I hear this more than ever today in an environment that praises do-gooder creatives and laments bureaucrats and bankers.

Want to build a career without selling out? Here are the steps to make it happen:   

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The One Change You MUST Make to Your Resume, Now


Does your resume start with an objective statement? Or a description of what you’re looking for in your next job?

If so, ask yourself why.

Is the resume objective simply there because that’s what you’ve seen other people do?

In truth most people start with a resume objective for this reason – they’ve seen it on other resumes and they feel it’s what they should do. But what most job seekers don’t realize is the resume objective is killing their response rate.   

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