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Can 8 Hours of Effort Lead to a Shiny New Job? [Infographic]

Can 8 Hours of Effort Lead to a New Job

If you knew that eight hours from now you could be much closer to a brand new job… how long would it take you to get started?

According to this infographic created by LocalWork.com, by making the right changes to your jobs search tools and strategy, you can be much more employable with just 8 hours of effort…   

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A Job Search Strategy That Gets Results… 5 Get-Started Tips


Whatever your job search situation, you’ll have much better results if you focus your energy on what will get real results… rather than sporadically applying to every job you find and hoping for the best.

Check out these 5 tips to help you craft a better job search strategy that works to help you find a job faster…   

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For a Successful Job Search… Focus First on Strategy


“My daughter sends out 5 applications online every day, and then has a melt-down on Friday about how bad the job market is!”

Does this sound familiar to your job search? If so, let’s talk about the job search for recent grads. Here’s a couple of things that are really important to know.    

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Why Applying for Every Job IS Great Job Search Strategy


My strategy for my job search during my last semester was pretty simple: apply for every job that I was even remotely qualified for.

While not always the easy road, I learned a lot along the way. Here are some of the lessons learned that college students can use in their own job search…   

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Job Search Fail: Sending a Resume First

Resume Strategy

Many job seekers measure ob search productivity by how many resumes they send. They seem to believe,”If I get my resume to enough employers, someone will surely hire me!”

In their quest for hitting their daily or weekly resume quota, however, “quaified” and fit” seem to be secondary considerations. The job seekers fail to consider what happens on the receiving end, and are surprised and discouraged when they get no response…   

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5 Fool-Proof Tips to Focus Your Job Search

I’m often surprised when I speak with recent grads in the job search…

Though anxious to become employed, they often do not have clearly set goals established around that search. As well, they often don’t have good structure and processes to support their effort.

Without a clear goal, and a good job search strategy, you’ll end up wandering…   

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