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Informational Interview Strategies to Benefit Your Job Search [Infographic]

informational interview strategies

When you want to discover the lay of the land, nothing beats an informational interview.

You know: interviews with experienced professionals that that don’t result in a job, but knowledge. A chance to have an insightful conversation with someone in the industry, company or position or a company that interests you…   

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Here’s Exactly How You Build a Job Interview Research Plan


My perspective was completely wrong. I had been focusing all of my energy into my look, maximizing my interview personality skills and optimizing my resume…

In short, I failed to make the interview about me, instead of them!

To make that monumental change in my approach, I learned extensive research was required… a process around understanding both the company and the role you seek there…   

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Job Search Fail: Sending a Resume First

Resume Strategy

Many job seekers measure ob search productivity by how many resumes they send. They seem to believe,”If I get my resume to enough employers, someone will surely hire me!”

In their quest for hitting their daily or weekly resume quota, however, “quaified” and fit” seem to be secondary considerations. The job seekers fail to consider what happens on the receiving end, and are surprised and discouraged when they get no response…   

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