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5 Tips to Avoid Job Search Rejection and Indifference

job search rejection

You’ve submitted your resume to hundreds of jobs and gotten no response. Or maybe you’ve tried networking and are disappointed in the lack of leads that ensued.

There is nothing more frustrating than experiencing job search rejection and indifference…   

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Job Search Rejection: How to Bounce Back and Move Forward

job search rejection

After weeks of searching for job openings, sending your resume to multiple companies, and experiencing job search rejection — you finally get asked to interview for what could be your dream job.

“This could be THE ONE”, you say to yourself…   

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Rejected by LinkedIn: The Job Seeker Lessons Learned


I would love to work for LinkedIn. The company has a great product and is famous for treating its employees well; both reviews and surveys indicate the company has a good culture.

So, full of hope, I sent my resume and cover letter to apply for a marketing job at LinkedIn. They didn’t think I was good enough…   

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Don’t Let Job Search Rejection Make You Give Up Too Soon


Have you already given up on your job hunt because you got rejected? If yes, you certainly wouldn’t be the first or the last.

But what if we told you that looking for a job is kind of a numbers game? Furthermore, what if we told you that you actually gave up way too soon?   

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Recover from Job Search Rejection: “No” Isn’t Always Final


When you get turned down for a job, it is not a personal rejection, even though it usually feels that way.

Nor is it a permanent rejection.   

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How to Cope When Your Internship Doesn’t Lead to a Job


Today’s interns, those facing rejection and now soul-searching, can learn from the valuable experiences of those who have been in their shoes.

With that in mind, here is an enlightening interview with some great advice from one such recent grad, Megan Molinaro…   

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