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The Job Search Questions We’re Too Afraid to Ask (But Should)

#InternPro Chat job search questions

Searching for a job is not an easy process. We don’t where to go to ask our job search questions.

Sometimes, we don’t even know if we should ask. We fear not sounding like we know what we’re doing or maybe don’t have a plan…   

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How Asking Great Questions Leads to Great Connections


Do you talk more than listen? Does your ego get in the way of building relationships? Do you find yourself advocating your view of the world more often than inquiring about other people’s perspectives?

Most people love to talk about themselves. Start talking about yourself in response, without embracing what was just said, and you run the risk of proving you are not listening. The shutters come down. A valued connection is missed…   

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Open Mic Night: Career Questions from the #InternPro Community


“How do I get recruiters to read my resume?” … “How do I use LinkedIn effectively?” … “How do I get hired with no experience?” … “Is ketchup really a vegetable?”

You have questions about your job or internship search. Everyone does. And that expression about “don’t be afraid to ask because lots of other people have the same question” is true, especially when it comes to our careers…   

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