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What to Expect on Your Job Search Timeline [Infographic]

job search timeline

Unfortunately, for most of us, finding a job after college, or even when you just want to make a change, doesn’t just happen. There are a lot of steps we have to go through. And we can’t skip steps and hope the perfect job falls in our lap. If you’ve done this before you have a general idea of what you need to do. But just as a refresher, here’s what to expect along your job search timeline.   

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Planning Your Day for a Productive Job Search [Infographic]

productive job search

Imagine you’re looking for your next great job and have an entire day to dedicate to job searching. How should you plan out your schedule? When is the best time to apply for jobs, and when would the best part of the day be to work on your resume? What is your most productive time of day, and which are the best hours to work on the more challenging aspects of a job search? A productive job search takes careful planning.   

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